Volume 40 Number 3-4

Volume 40 Number 3-4

Thai Journal of Agricultural Science Volume 40 Number 3-4

1. Comparison of Extraction Efficiency between Winkler and Tullgren Extractors for Tropical Leaf Litter Macroarthropods

         W. Sakchoowong, S. Nomura, K. Ogata and J. Chanpaisaeng [ Full Text ]

2. Impacts of Basic Slag, Aggregate Size and Groundwater Levels for the Amendment of Acid Sulfate Soils in Relation to the Production of Mustard in a Simulation Study

         Md. H.R. Khan [ Full Text ]

3. Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Thai Indigenous and Recommended Soybean Varieties by SSR Markers

         O. Chotiyarnwong, P. Chatwachirawong, S. Chanprame and P. Srinives [ Full Text ]

4. The Structure and Biochemical Changes during Finger Drop in Ripening Bananas

         W. Imsabai and S. Ketsa [ Full Text ]

5. Biochemical Mechanism of Resistance to Imazapyr in Sugarcane Cell Selections

         P. Punyadee, M. Thongros and T. Pornprom [ Full Text ]

6. Relationship between Maturity Stages and Low Temperature Involved in the Pericarp Hardening of Mangosteen Fruit after Storage

         S. Dangcham and S. Ketsa [ Full Text ]

7. Survey on the Distribution of Avian Rotavirus by Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

         M.U. Ahmed and A.K. Chowdhury [ Full Text ]

8. Inheritance and Ultrastructure of Variegated Leaf Mutant in Mungbean Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

         C. Sangsiri, W. Sorajjapinun and P. Srinives [ Full Text ]

9. Replacing Agar with Vermiculite, Coconut Fiber and Charcoal Rice Husk in Culture Media for Embryo Rescue of Immature Nectarines Seeds

         S. Promchot and U. Boonprakob [ Full Text ]

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