Volume 44 Number 1 March 2011

Volume 44 Number 1 March 2011

Front_cover_thumb   Contents Volume 44 Number 1 March 2011

1.    Histological Structure of the Digestive Tract of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Hyriopsis (Hyriopsis) bialatus (Bivalvia: Unionidae)

S. Tantiwisawaruji, K. Chatchavalvanich, U. Kovitvadhi, A. Thongpan and S. Kovitvadhi  [ Full Text ]

2.    Yield of Wheat as Affected by Different Factors of Production in Bangladesh

M. Kamrul Hasan, M. Jamal Uddin and M. Abdur Rasdid  [ Full Text ]

3.    Prediction Equations for Losses from Thai Axial Flow Rice Combine Harvesters

P. Sangwijit and W. Chinsuwan [ Full Text ]

4.    Testing the Toxic Effects of Six Different Groups of Chemical Insecticides against Tobacco Bud Worm Helicoverpa armigera Hub. Lepidoptera: Noctuidae in FCV Tobacco Nicotiana tabaccum L.

H. Badshah, A. Wajid, S. Sattar, M. Saeed and S. Anwar [ Full Text ]

5.    Short-term Tillage Effect on Properties of an Arenic Haplustult under Maize Cultivation in Tropical Savanna Climate, Northeast Thailand

S. Thanachit, I. Kheoruenromne and S. Anusontpornperm [ Full Text ]

6.    AM Fungi and A. chroococcum Affecting Yield, Nutrient Uptake and Cost Efficacy of Isabgoal (Plantago ovata) in Indian Arid Region

V. Kumar, A. Singh Solanki and S. Sharma [ Full Text ]

7.    Characterization of Thai Bacillus thuringiensis JCPT121 as Promising Biopesticide Against Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella L.)

P. Thaphan, S. Keawsompong and J. Chanpaisaeng [ Full Text ]

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