Volume 47 Number 3 September 2014

Volume 47 Number 3 September 2014

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Contents Volume 47 Number 3 September  2014


1.    Genes Associated with Production of Flagella and a Pectate Lyase Affect Virulence and Associated Activities in Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines

W. Chuaboon, D. Athinuwat, S. Kaewnum T.J. Burr and S. Prathuangwong  [ Full Text ]

2.    Allelopathic Potential of Rhizosphere Powder Amended Soil (LPRS) and Inorganic Profiling of Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. on Growth of Crops and Weeds

A. Gulzar and M.B. Siddiqui   [ Full Text]

3.    GC/MS Analyses for Detection and Identification of Antioxidant Constituents of Carum copticum Essential Oil

M. Kazemi  [ Full Text ]

4.    Efficacy of Non-toxigenic Isolates of Aspergillus niger and A. tubingensis as Biological Control Agents Against Toxigenic A. niger and Plant Pathogenic Fungi

S. Aukkasarakul, C. Chamswarng, O. Piasai, A. Chinaphuti and L. Manoch  [ Full Text ]

5.    Five Species of Aspergillus Section Nigri from Agricultural Products and Cultivated Soil and Their Mycotoxin Production

S. Aukkasarakul, L. Manoch, A. Chinaphuti, C. Chamsawarng, O. Piasai and T. Yaguchi   [ Full Text ]

6.    Nature of Organic Matter Associated with Particle-sized Fractions of Thai Soils 

W. Jindaluang, I. Kheoruenromne, A. Suddhiprakarn, B.P. Singh and B. Singh   [ Full Text ]

7.    Identifying Optimal Utilization System of Rangeland Using by Analytical Hierarchy Process (Case of Gulian and Ardebil, Iran)

Z. Bagheramiri, B. Rasouli and M.S. Allahyari  [ Full Text ]

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