bosch indego s+400

bosch indego s+400

Im Testgarten hat der S+ 400 ein tolles Ergebnis geliefert, der Schnitt in parallelen Bahnen sieht deutlich sauberer und ordentlicher aus, als bei anderen Mähroboter auf dem Markt. I genuinely think that our lawn is looking better than it has done for a long time and I’m attributing that to the Indego 400 Connect. After an easy one-time installation, Indego is ready to mow the lawn for you.

VAT © Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 2020, all rights reserved One ruler is 75cm for the distance between pegs, whilst the other is 30cm for the distance from the wall / edge. mehr Details. It can cut slopes up to just 27% and is small and inconspicuous on the lawn when not in use.This little mower is packed full of features – ‘Logicut’ speeds up mowing as the Indego maps the garden and then works out the quickest way to cut it, mowing line by line rather than in a random pattern like many others. There’s an emergency stop on top of the Indego which is handy in case it goes all Terminator on you – or you realise that you forgot to pick up all of the dog crap on the grass. I just wish I knew about robot mowers sooner… It keeps the lawn in check automatically, requires low maintenance, and the Bosch Indego 400 features tilt, lift, rollover, and collision If you asked me how it differs from Indego 350, I’d say that it… doesn’t? We have a fair bit of smart home tech in our house, however it’s only been recently that this has moved outside thanks to the Bosch Indego 400 Connect As part of an ongoing collaboration with Bosch – which included checking out their Below, you’ll find my full review of the Bosch Indego 400 Connect robotic lawnmower:The Bosch Indego 400 Connect comes nicely packaged in a surprisingly small box – had it not been for the photos on the side, I wouldn’t have believed that it contained a lawnmower! This connects to the back of the docking station and leads through to your nearest power socket. On the actual lawnmower, I was required to do a few things like set language, create a PIN code and set the time and date. If you’re looking to go around objects (e.g. Please enter a postcode, street or city to quickly find the nearest Bosch retailer. Since then, I’ve written about anything and everything related to dad life in an honest, relatable, light-hearted and often sweary way.As the kids have got older, the blog’s focus has become less about them. I selected the option when prompted, then marvelled as the Indego 400 Connect reversed off the docking station and began to move unaided along the perimeter wire until it came around the other side and hit the docking station.This concluded setup and installation. Set-up/ease of use. It was compact, sleek, light and gave off a dual nationality vibe with the UK / USA replaceable top cover – a far cry from my current electric lawnmower. In the box, you’ll find a reel of perimeter wire – you feed this through a hole in the front of the docking station, then use wire cutters to strip around 15mm of insulation off the wire.You then stick a peg into the ground within 10cm of the docking station to secure both ends of the wire (you hammer the peg later), then connect the stripped end to the right hand (black) terminal. I love trying and testing out smart home tech. Enjoy simple and convenient operation with Indego's app, allowing you to manage your mower from wherever you are. It does seem reasonably priced compared to other robotic lawnmowers though and you can’t go wrong with the Bosch name.Despite having a small lawn that doesn’t take much effort to cut, I’d still love to own one of these. This confused me at first – sometimes it cuts diagonally, sometimes it cuts horizontally, sometimes it starts on the left and sometimes it starts on the right. You’ll know it’s charging as the relevant LED will light up on the docking station and the lawnmower. The mulching system delivers an even distribution of grass clippings for a fertilised, healthy lawn.

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This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made. As such, the Indego doesn’t always line up properly when attempting to dock.A couple of final things to mention. The last thing you’d want to do is, for instance, pull up all of the wire after pegging it down because the docking station wasn’t located properly.Now comes the exciting bit – cutting the lawn! 2-for-1 Gardens The BOSCH Indego S+400 then learns the area allowing it to make intelligent cuts each time its in use, alternating the cutting pattern and making the most efficient use of the space. The idea is to cut the main lawn to 40mm, then cut around the border on the lowest setting – this is where the wire will go.Next, you need to determine the best place to position the docking station. I used to spend hours of my time on every single weekend just keeping the lawn neat and tidy. Basically, this means that it cuts your lawn efficiently by learning the cutting area, learning the location of objects within the cutting area, planning where it needs to cut the grass, knowing where it has cut the grass and understanding its route to and from the docking station.By knowing these things, it can not only mow the lawn efficiently, but it (supposedly) leaves your grass in better condition because it changes the cutting route each time. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Vergleich Testberichte Bewertungen Aktuelle Deals

I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m believing and what the unedited photos suggest.Finally, it does a job for me – what’s not to love about that?!

How to

Family life is still at the heart of everything I write about, but I’m a bit more ‘Men’s Lifestyle’ than pure ‘Dad Blog’ these days! Just install the app and communicate with your mower at the touch of a buttonAmazon Alexa enables effortless control of Indego. All products were chosen independently by our editorial team. However, that’s I do have a couple of gripes though. Prices range from £799.99 to £949.99. As well as ensuring the right distances, the only additional thing I had to do was use more pegs as I approached corners.

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