frauen eishockey wm 2020 abgesagt

frauen eishockey wm 2020 abgesagt

Wish I will go there again in the cherry blossom season, and it’s highly recommended to join the tour especially in spring.Finally, it was the time to leave Fukushima back to Tokyo… There are still numerous traces of the disaster although about 9 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. Fukushima is located in Tohoku area. We recommend that you explore the city through our itinerary on foot or by taking short taxi rides. We turned on the Geiger counter and it said 0.21 microsievert/h in front of Namie Station. The tour was expertly handled and I feltReally amazing tour about the events in Fukushima nearly a decade ago. Departing from Tokyo Station. Everything was either frozen in time from theFascinating visit to see the aftermath of the events of March 11th 2011. What is the Fukushima disaster area day tour from Tokyo (Within 20 km of Fukushima Daiichi) cancellation policy?Fukushima disaster area day tour from Tokyo (Within 20 km of Fukushima Daiichi) cancellation policy: If you cancel at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee. The school became a famous disaster spot for the story.The Geiger counter said 0.08–0.1 microsievert/h (almost same as Tokyo) near the school which was located within only 6 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.On the other hand, it showed around 3 microsievert/h on National Route 6 on the way to the next destination town Tomioka.We joined up with the other local guide Hiroko-san who was born and raised in Tomioka area.

Comfortable journey with English speaking guide will show you a clear picture of Fukushima's pain & willingness of rebuilding the whole city from ashes! Spend a day in Nihonmatsu City in Northern Fukushima, an area known for rich cultural traditions and specialties in sake, lacquerware, and fruits. Fortunately, a local festival was held at the plaza on the day. Surprisingly, all of the students survived the tsunami though it was located just near the seacoast. So we could stay about 5 hours in Fukushima disaster area in a day trip. Particularly impactful: Yoshizawa san, whoI have been in Japan for over 3 months now and this is the most unique experience I have had so far. If you come to Tokyo from New York by Plane, you would be exposed by radiation about 0.1 mSv (One way) We could NOT enter restricted area including Fukushima daiichi ruclear power plant. My visit in the early February is a little earlier than the cherry blossoms fully bloom, but I though the beautiful flowers would change back the color of the town into pink.There are a pile of problems to solve in Tomioka as Hiroko-san guided us, nevertheless, I certainly realized that the residents were trying to find the way forward.

Finally, I got the chance to visit the disaster-hit area in Fukushima with this There has been No-Go zones under the evacuation order since the earthquake occurred and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant spread radiation. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Visit 2-Day Tour from Tokyo. Decontamination activities has been going on in Fukushima, but some areas are still regulated to enter for relatively high radiation dose The guides carefully led us to several spots we could see the remains of the disaster and hear stories by some local residents (of course, guides translate them into English).This tour to Fukushima is held by the people who want to do something to support the disaster-hit area in Fukushima and really want more people to find out how things really are there. The abandoned towns were so interesting. During a tour each visitor is provided with a dosimeter to attach to their clothing. The participants including me were welcomed by the friendly guides Takuto-san and Yoko-san who can speak both English and Japanese. The vast farm housed a number of cattle which were unsalable since they were exposed to radiation.

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frauen eishockey wm 2020 abgesagt 2020