iphone se 2020 camera review

iphone se 2020 camera review

Apple iPhone SE (2020): indoor bokeh In this example, you can see the iPhone SE (2020) captures a brighter exposure in the darker areas compared to the iPhone 11 and the Pixel 3, while still maintaining excellent detail in the sky.Indoors, target exposures remain accurate in most examples and dynamic range is good when there are no people in the picture.

Video exposure is generally very good, controlling both The iPhone SE’s 4K capture offers decent detail, particularly in bright light, but it’s not quite as consistent as some of the best 4K devices we’ve tested, with The Apple iPhone SE (2020) achieves a Photo score of 103, matching older devices such as the Google Pixel 3.

84 . Apple iPhone SE (2020): medium-range zoom The iPhone SE is really more of an update to the 2017 iPhone 8 than to the older SE. It has a similar but updated single-camera … The combination is really quite good.In good light it’s very difficult to tell the difference between photos shot on the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 Pro – a phone costing more than twice as much.

Apple is also using renewable energy for final assembly of the phone, and breaks down the The iPhone SE comes out of the box with iOS 13.4.1, the same version of iOS running on Apple’s more expensive iPhone 11 series and every other currently-supported phone.The main differences between iOS on Apple’s more expensive phones and the iPhone SE is simply the lack of gesture controls. Apple iPhone SE 2020: artifacts The 2020 iPhone SE is the phone to buy for people who don’t care about phones, who just want a phone to work well, not be too big and last a long time. Apple iPhone SE 2020, crop: maze and moiré Google Pixel 3: flash-off It’s also worth noting that iOS 13 includes a battery optimisation feature, which is designed to learn your habits and only charge the battery past 80% just before you need it helping to preserve it in the process.Apple does not give a rated lifecycle for the iPhone SE’s battery, typically 500 full-charge cycles, but it can be replaced for £49. Google Pixel 3, crop: low detail and visible noise Apple iPhone SE (2020), video color response analysis for YRGB In all tested conditions, ringing and aliasing are often visible, together with a coarse noise effect on portraits or in darker areas.Performance in Portrait mode is another area impacted by the iPhone SE (2020)’s single-camera setup. The new phone has the same shape and size as the iPhone 8. Although not perfect, the Pixel 3 manages to keep these elements sharp. Testing the rear camera on the Apple iPhone SE (2020)The rear camera on the Apple iPhone SE captures nice exposures, with wide Night shots are less successful, because while exposure and color are acceptable, detail is low and noise is high.Depth estimation errors commonly occur in bokeh shots.Low detail, visible artifacts, and high noise affect the quality of zoom shots.Apple iPhone SE (2020): excellent target exposure and wide dynamic rangeApple iPhone 11: good target exposure and wide dynamic rangeGoogle Pixel 3: slightly low target exposure and wide dynamic rangeApple iPhone SE (2020): excellent target exposure with limited dynamic rangeApple iPhone 11: excellent target exposure with limited dynamic rangeGoogle Pixel 3: low target exposure with limited dynamic rangeApple iPhone SE (2020): warm but pleasant white balance and well-saturated colorApple iPhone 11: slightly blue white balance affects color rendering.Google Pixel 3: slightly blue white balance affects color rendering.Apple iPhone SE (2020): accurate white balance with good Apple iPhone 11: accurate white balance with good saturation and color uniformityGoogle Pixel 3: accurate white balance with good saturation and color uniformity So it’s better to seek out some nice outdoor or decent indoor lighting when shooting video on the iPhone SE (2020).Texture and details are also pretty well preserved in the iPhone SE (2020)’s 4K videos, with results comparable to the iPhone 11’s for both indoor and outdoor videos. Not even Google’s Pixel 3a will manage that.It’s not perfect, of course: the battery life could be longer, the screen could be bigger or the body smaller, there’s no headphone socket, no Face ID and it takes ages to charge. Accordingly, the iPhone SE nails the basics, with generally excellent exposure and color, wide dynamic range, and pretty good detail. Asus ROG Phone 2. And they are right.

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