radioactivity eating bacteria

radioactivity eating bacteria

The public, at present, is very skeptical about the use of such scientific methods and there is much opposition to their implementation.

The most common contaminants from DOE wastes found in ground and groundwaters included the radionuclides 235Uranium (gamma, alpha)E, 238Plutonium (alpha)E, 99Technetium (beta-)E, 90Strontium (beta-)E, and 137Cesium (gamma, beta-)E; and the metals, Chromium, Lead and Mercury; and myriad toxic organic compounds (e.g., toluene and trichloroethylene (TCE)). Hopefully, after the nuclear war, those sources will remain available or we will have managed to preserve sufficient information at Ark Two. There are numerous other bacteria (including Shewanella and Pseudomonas spp.) They simply concentrate it into a form that may be more easily handled. Radiotrophic fungi are fungi which appear to perform radiosynthesis, that is, to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth. However, like most organisms, these bacteria are sensitive to the damaging effects of radiation so they are not of interest to us here as is D. radiodurans. Of the 3,000 waste sites disclosed by the DOE, the total cleanup cost, by methods that utilize costly pump and treat technologies and/or soil excavation and incineration, was in 1996 by the government at between $189 and $265 billion, but we can be certain that those immense costs have since substantially grown. There are a number of facets of this subject that I have not touched upon,

Those numbers if expressed as hundreds of football fields piled so many feet deep and days of run of water over Niagara Falls would perhaps more graphically picture the immensity of the present problem - which, as I have said, will pale compared to the Nuclear War Aftermath. Other studies from the group have shown that land contaminated with Professor Jonathan Lloyd, who has led the research at the University of Manchester, said, "This could provide a new, and very useful extra layer of protection when we are trying to dispose of nuclear waste. Now, a team searching deep in a South African gold mine has found one that redefines the limits of life: Bacteria that subsist in rock at huge pressure for thousands of years by "eating" by-products of radioactivity, completely isolated from organic matter or results of photosynthesis. Arthur Anderson was trying to develop methods of destroying bacteria with radiation - such as now used in microwaves and the food packaging industry. These present vast waste sites will unquestionably be insignificant as to number, and hazard, in comparison to the residual effects of nuclear war. One third of the 91 characterized sites are radioactive with some reported radiation levels as high as 10 mCi/L, within or close to the contaminating sources. The effects may well far exceed the speculations of most scientists and could involve other effects beyond climate change and intense UV, Further research may well find numerous other plants. "Extremophile" bacteria have been found thriving in soil samples from a highly alkaline industrial site in Peak District of England. D. radiodurans is non-pathogenic which means that it is not harmful to humans.

It is a solution to a number of problems of the Mad Cow, SARS, and plague ilk. D. radiodurans will flourish so long as there is adequate growth media Without a doubt, an all-out nuclear war will cause environmental problems that will make present day concerns about smog, greenhouse effect, waterway and groundwater pollution, and any others that presently concern people, to pale by comparison. ... As well as the stabilising effects of the bacteria on radioactive waste, the researchers at Manchester are also beginning to study what they describe as ‘fascinating biological processes’ that the bacteria use to support life under such extreme conditions. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details to third parties. The microbes eat the mineral and then excrete it in a non-soluble form. The specific areas that I wish that I could have touched more on are such as the means of mass producing quantities of the microbe, the machinery necessary for its application to farm fields, the methods of supplying it with nutrients in application, and so forth. It was discovered in 1956 by Arthur W. Anderson at Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station in Corvallis, and named Deinococcus radiodurans or D. radiodurans for short, a name which means "strange berry that withstands radiation". Seventy million cubic meters of ground and three trillion liters of groundwater have been contaminated by leaking radioactive waste that was generated in the United States during the Cold War. Using the example of Jimson Weed, which one might use to reduce the contamination in a particular piece of land, one could then gather the weed and bury it elsewhere, where it is not likely to get back into food chain or water table. The technical details as presented here are insufficient for a scientist to replicate the experiments but again they will give them a sense of direction and on additional WebPages on this site there is still more information with links both to the additional sources and still further links. There is an old saying that "one man's meat is another man's poison", and of course the opposite is true, that one creature's poison is another's food. It is a very ancient bacterium that has been around for millennia because of its survival capabilities.

I explain the whole matter of how plants and animals concentrate radioactivity and the nature of radioactive half-life in my "You Will Survive Doomsday" book, so I will not repeat that information here.

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