rss reader mac vienna

rss reader mac vienna

However, it's one of those apps which rely on an active font "Helvetica", and crash if it's not present. I have fed back the issues through Apples feedback for 3rd party apps - but I don't expect anything to come of that. It is the same situation with refreshes, the app chokes and takes a bit before it resumes. Here the reviews are our own and not intended to change the … This update addresses pretty much every problem I've noticed since then. Best wishes, as always, What's missing: My thanks go out to all the people that maintain this excellent freeware reader.My everyday news reader despite the weird user interface.I have to say it. RSS Reader. Very stable. I had my eyes fixed on Vienna for a long time, but the newest version introduced Unified layout which is absolutely brilliant. My favorite feature: the fact that you can flag blog entries to easily follow up on comments. - Email-like view to show article titles from either a feed, or a group of feeds! Most importantly, *no ads*! The only way to make them larger is to force all fonts to a larger minimum size, thus bringing up the previously mentioned issue. - Fast! "Looks nice, but the import dialog is very badly broken on Sierra.Last week this would be a 5 star app. Also, maybe some kind of system menu bar access?Compact, simple, and fairly powerful RSS reader. At this time I don't need synchronization but it would be a nice feature to have for the future. The forums say they are looking at it but that was over a year ago. Firstly, we have changed our main website URL to I have hundreds of feeds, and sometimes I have THOUSANDS of articles loaded. Also difficult to re-sort headlines by date (up or down) without doubling size of pane used for headlines (I use condensed layout to emulate previously purchased RSS readers).

All of this for free! shutdown), per-feed preferences (refresh rate, keep old feed entries etc.). It has a nice UI, good functionality, and it's the only RSS/Atom reader I've tried that imported my feeds in the same folder hierarchy that they were exported in. It's great the developer is so active in fixing the bugs.... "Long Live Vienna!

Multiple times a day I might start this up to see all the latest articles from websites I enjoy reading. I went to the web site and downloaded from the web site. It is so good I have made it my default RSS browser. Nice themes. The best free media player for video and DVDs And not a drop down menu like it has where you get carpal tunnel click-scroll-click. One thing that should be addressed is the old looking user interface. - Smart folders! I don't remember adding any feeds from those guys.I hate Vienna! I have my view layout set to "Condensed". just wanted to put this out there and let macupdate know so they can update the application's page here.Beats NetNewsWire hands down...and it's FREE! So I have since come back to Vienna with the 2.6 preview release and that they have added full web page feed views to this preview. The application tells me I have a certain number of unread items, but I have no way to access to them. Vienna, NNW, RSSMenu and Gruml. Not sure why.

I have only 30 feeds. All of them have their own ups and downs, but I prefer to have a standalone reader where I add the RSS feeds to it, and thats it. Inline and tab based viewing, though I question how secure the internal browser really is. This works awesome, and I have no reason to ever leave Vienna again. So the top headline is halfway hidden by the top "Headlines" menubar. It's a shame that the gods choose to delete my comments instead of repairing the BUG.This rating only applies to Vienna3.1.4, which finally got it right. Federico (aka euskir)Is the best RSS reader for OSX however if you have more then 300+ RSS feeds the program doesn't response as normally, suffering in some stability issues.I've been all over the place with RSS readers. The Vienna Project is continuously being improved and updated, so keep up to date with current development on the forums.. Vienna is native macOS Open Source project published under the Apache … Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate.I've just discovered a new use of RSS: it can be used to track updates for all your applications hosted at Github!

Vienna stalls and becomes unresponsive for 1 to 2 minutes when starting up with a spinning beach ball as it gets the feeds. Keep up the good work!This is an awesome RSS client with a sweet price! The only other thing I have used is Google Reader. That lack of file import sets the bar for RSS Reader… Took me a while to figure that out. I bought NetNewsWire and Newsfire and discovered Vienna afterwards!!! You need to quit Vienna, then switch from discrete to integrated, then launch Vienna again. NNW only 2000. What it needs: better memory management, new coding for snappier behavior (e.g. - Support for folders and nested folders! I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. highly recommend RSS Reader!!!! Will check back to see if Beta 14 will fix this issue. This latest version didn't load any of my feeds. Features of Vienna RSS Reader for Mac: Options to subscribe to Atom/RSS news feeds and podcasts; Simple and very easy to use interface This is the first version that works as I always hoped it would work. No more truncated scrollbars or icons. Great app.I don't have a lot of experience with other feed readers but Vienna works very well for me. Oftentimes I had to force quit it because it became unresponsive during the quit cycle! The fact that's it's (still) free is amazing as well.Brilliant. I even customized one of the css style sheets to get the looks and my font preferences *just right* for my screen. Overall, excellent RSS reader with a problem that at least for me, makes it unusable.Loads pretty fast.

for me the best free RSS Reader.Love the unified layout. Previous versions: Simplify ITSM from ticket request to resolution thanks to the integration of SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® and Dameware® Remote Support.

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